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Hello and welcome!

My name is Kerry Christie I am the owner of Cupcakes Forever.

I’ve been making cakes for 7 years, for friends and family, and I setup my business

5 ½ years ago after realising how much I enjoyed cake making and decorating.

My passion for baking and cooking came from my teenage years helping my Dad in the kitchen, then in my early thirties I started doing various crafting hobbies, one of which was cake decorating, and quickly realised how much I enjoyed it. A year and half later I decided to turn it into a small business.

We have recently moved house which has given me my own separate kitchen to run my cake business from, which I have at the side of the house in Brownhills in West Midlands. This has given me more space to work in, and more space to store my equipment. I feel very lucky to have this!

I pride myself on all my ingredients being fresh, and that all my cakes are baked from scratch. I only use free range eggs and whenever possible, from my flock of eight happy hens and two turkeys that live in my garden.

Enjoy browsing my website and I look forward to creating the perfect cake for you!

Kerry xx