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Welcome to the celebration cake page - Galleries updated Mar 2017

I have three galleries:Celebration, Novelty, and Cupcakes. I have recently revamped my website to make it easier to move around and I have removed some of my older pictures as I no longer have the space on the site for them any more, but they can all still be viewed on my Facebook page.

Feel free to have a browse. If you see something you like I’m happy to re-create it again. All cakes can be tailored to suit perhaps just a simple colour change or a different model etc.

 A completed booking form is required on all orders.

Please note an enquiry is not an order to secure your order a deposit is required.

FAQ & T&C’s are at the bottom of this page.

Pay a deposit
Cake Type
Name & Tel
Additional Information
Cupcake Gallery
Celebration Cake Gallery
Novelty Cake Gallery


6 inch £30 - 7 inch £35

8 inch £40 - 9 inch £45

10 inch £50 - 11 inch 55  

12 inch £60

The above are simple celebrations, ribbon, personal message along with some simple decoration of choice.

More detailed designs are priced on request.

Cupcakes are £1.50 each for simple

Cupcakes from £1.80 for decorated

Stand hire is free security deposits are £25 small & £50 large stands.

50% deposit is required on all cakes orders

Booking Forms

Cake and novelty cake booking form Here

Cupcake order booking form Here


We sometimes use nuts in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee that our cupcakes are nut free. The icing decorations contain food colouring. If you have any other allergies or special dietary requirements then please contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions

How do I Order?


Order by contact form, email or phone - please do not send orders via text message or Facebook messenger!

Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

To avoid disappointment in not being able to book for your chosen date you’re welcome to pay a £10 deposit to secure any date in my diary (subject to availability) as long as the remaining deposit total is paid within two weeks of the order due date.


We require a 50% deposit of the order value .

To avoid disappointment in not being able to book for your chosen date you’re welcome to pay a £10 deposit to secure any date in my diary (subject to availability) as long as the remaining deposit total is paid within two weeks of the order due date.

Please note that all deposits are non refundable if cancelled by customer .

Where are you based?

I am based in Brownhills in the West Midlands and work from home, I have a separate cake kitchen at the side of the house.

What’s your notice period?

Preferably at least 2-3 Weeks for all cakes, longer in the summer during the wedding season as I may be fully booked with wedding cakes

Stand Hire

I have various stands to hire ranging from 1-10 tier acrylic tree stands for cupcakes, and I currently have two wedding cake stands. A refundable security deposit is taken on all stand hire. Please ask for more details.

Do you offer delivery?

I no longer offer delivery for celebration orders during busy times as I work on my own, please check with me for availability. Local delivery is from £5

How long does the cake keep for?

Fresh cakes should be consumed within 48 hours after collection, my cakes do not contain any preservatives to increase shelf life so they should be treated as a fresh product just like bread, milk or fruit and vegetables.

Where should I store my cake?

Cakes should be stored somewhere cool, or in hot and humid conditions (i.e. the middle of summer) they can be placed in the fridge . They should not be left for any period of time in warm or humid areas such as a warm kitchen or car. which can cause the cake to sweat and can accelerate dryness and sometimes even cause mould.

What about your ingredients?

I only use free range eggs, the best quality flour, sugar, essences and natural flavourings.  When ever  possible is do use egg from my free range chickens from my garden. All hens have come from registered breeders or rescued from ex-commercial farms.

How should I transport my cake?

Cakes are fragile and should be transported with care - once they have left my premises I have no control on what happens to the cake, therefore safe transportation and careful handling of the cake is the responsibility of the customer.

What Type of cakes do you make?

Any shape or size

Egg free (not cupcakes)

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Dairy free & Gluten free


I do not collect the stands and they must be returned to Cupcakes Forever BY THE CUSTOMER within 7 days of hire in its original hire condition, upon which the security deposit will be returned.

If there are any missing components to the stands, or any parts have become damaged, then the cost to replace/repair these items will be deducted from the deposit.

Insurances and local Authority

I am registered with Walsall Borough Council for preparing and selling food from home.

I have Public Liability Insurance for the maximum sum of £5,000,000

I have a level 2 CIEH in Food Safety and Catering

Copies of my certificates & policy are available upon request.

Terms & conditions of booking

Please read the following Terms and Conditions, if there is anything you don’t understand please feel free to contact us.

Cupcakes Forever bespoke cakes are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Booking forms are to be completed from Jan 2017 for all orders.

Deposits and payments

All deposits that secure a date are non-refundable if cancelled within one month of the order due. I am happy to refund if the order is cancelled over one month in advance.

A full 50% of the order value is required to be paid no later than two weeks before the order is due.

I except small security deposits of £10 to secure any particular date, then the remaining percentage paid two weeks before the due date.

Balances are paid in full on collection or via paypal before collection. I also except card payments on the day.

Ordering and Collection days/Times - Please see contact page for opening / collection days.

Once an order has been placed the date that you have ordered your cake for is your collection date (confirmed on your booking form) Please note this is the day you pay a deposit against, changes to your date or order may result in your order being lost and deposit will not be refunded.

I do not take orders for collection on a Sunday or a Monday. The earliest collection time on a Tuesday is 4pm-6:30pm

For example: your celebration or party date is a SAT then you cancel and ask for it on a Monday, this is a change of order and therefore a cancellation resulting in loss of deposit.

Cake shelf life.

All cakes are to be consumed within 48 hours of collection, I cannot take any responsibility for cakes left longer than this period, as I have no control of the conditions or where the cake has been kept.  Once your cake is cut please box or wrap and refrigerate it.

Cake flavours

These are confirmed on your booking form, please note if for what ever reason no flavour has been confirmed I will always do vanilla with jam and buttercream.


All our ingredients are of the highest quality.

Our cakes may contain nuts or nut traces.

Cake Sponge Tiers:

I recommend that  cakes are to be consumed with in 48 hours of collection to ensure they are as fresh as possible, we do not add any preservatives or additives to our cakes to prolong shelf life.

If you would like to keep your cake longer the best way to do this is by freezing for up to one month after the collection date.

Cake Components:

From  time to time certain components for our cakes will become unavailable or obsolete and may have to be replaced, this is totally out of our control, however we will replace these with components of equal or better quality and we reserve the right to do this without consultation.

Special Offers:

Cupcakes Forever reserve the right to halt any special offers or promotions at any time.


All of our cakes are finished in perfect condition, once they have left my premises the cake is the responsibility of the customer and I have no control on the method of storage, or damage in transit.

Our Terms & Conditions

When paying your deposit for your cake it is believed that you have read, understood and accept our terms and conditions on this page.

Thank you.

Cupcakes Forever.